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I'm Stacey Goodrich, founder & owner 
of  So Connected.
I’m here to help you live in your potential. I offer tools and strategies to help you connect your mind to your body to create success over time. Do you ever feel like your mind and your body are not on the same page?  Do you sabotage yourself? I am a Mental Strength Coach who understands mental blocks/disconnects.  I am an expert in eliminating them.  You got this!
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My passion is to give people the ability to live from a congruent perspective.  I know that we all have issues, but we are not equal to them.  You may be anxious, but you are not equal to anxiety.

With a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Wisconsin- LaCrosse, a Master’s Degree in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), and 20+ years experience working with people, I understand how to help them get out of their own way.  I have worked with thousands of athletes around the world at all levels, professional to youth. My specialty is creating mental strength to maximize potential and opportunities.

As the author of Mental Strength Coaching Journal for Athletes, (series of 4 books), and a children’s book Strategies To Become A Mentally Strong Gymnast, my mission is to empower people with their own resources and abilities to be their best. My proven strategies help you perform in your potential, especially in that BIG game/match/meet/tournament!

What's In Your

What’s in your A-CIRCLE? Do you as an athlete get stuck? Do you not perform in a game or meet the way you practice? What if you could manage your situation and maximize your potential?

Click below (coming soon!) to watch a free video on how to manage your A-CIRCLE and maximize your potential.

Goal Beyond The Goal

Does your team lack confidence? Do they fall short in a big game? Having a goal beyond the goal mentality ensures the best results!

Click below (coming soon!) to watch a free video on how to maximize your potential through Goal Beyond The Goal mentality.


"My daughter started seeing Stacey for some fear and confidence barriers that crept up on her. Stacey helped her overcome her fears, build her confidence back up and create strategies to help her work through her routines.

Through the process of meeting with Stacey, my daughter has worked through these barriers and is having an amazing season now as a competitive gymnast with Twin City Twisters. Stacey is great - I would highly recommend her for any athletes that are having fear, confidence or mental blocks. It actually helped us both!"

Twin City Twister Parent


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